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What's Included

Office Management Tools

Project Management Suite with Accountants and Bookkeepers Web Design

The options that come with your website are designed to enable you to share projects and ideas online with your team. 

These website tools help you run more efficiently helping you to increase your billable hours.

Secure Document Transfer/Client Portal

This optional feature allows your staff and clients to safely store and quickly retrieve files, documents, and working papers from any location with Internet access.

To take advantage of this feature, you will need to subscribe to a service such as e-Courier, HighTail or DropBox. Once you do, we will incorporate it into your site for easy access.


Online Appointment Scheduling

We have two ways to let your clients schedule time to see you; Pro and Standard – both included in your subscription.

Accept Appointments Online with Accountants and Bookkeepers Web DesignWith the Pro module, you let your clients control their appointment scheduling experience. You define any number of time slots for each person in your office, and a visitor will see who and when the person of their choice is available. From there they will be able to book an appointment immediately.

It is easy to set up your availability, and it will repeat week-to-week if you wish. The system supports book-offs for days when a person is not available, and the module can be set to auto-accept a booking or cancellation.

The Standard module allows a visitor to choose a time slot, but you must personally respond to the person by either return email or telephone to either accept or decline the appointment request.

Online Credit Card Processing through PayPal

Accept Master Card through PayPalStart billing through your website with PayPal’s secure payment buttons. There’s Accept Visa through PayPalno credit application or setup fees, and you only pay a discount fee when you receive payment. We will set it up on your website for you.

Accept payments with PayPal through Accountants and Bookkeepers Web DesignThere are no setup fees, terminal rental or monthly charges and PayPal is always free for your customers to pay you. Your customers don't need a PayPal account either; they simply click to pay online, and when the order is complete, the money shows up in your PayPal account immediately. From there, you can transfer it to your bank account for free.

  • You can email your invoices directly from your PayPal account for faster payment.
  • Keep up with your payments.
  • Monthly statements, downloadable logs, and instant transaction searches are all available through your PayPal account.
  • Protect your business from fraud.

If there's one thing people know about PayPal, it's how seriously they take security. Automatic fraud screening and a Seller Protection Policy help keep you and your customers safe. And since PayPal is PCI compliant, your task of meeting these rigid standards is a good deal simpler.



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